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Product placement is the art of locating and negotiating prominent placements for our client's Brand, Name or Product in both feature films and television programs. Product Placement is an inexpensive way to build national recognition, enhance your corporate image and provide promotional opportunities with some of today's most successful films and television programs. The inherent benefits of the medium ? exciting setting, implied celebrity endorsement, captive audience, uncluttered environment ? make product placement an ideal medium to support an image building campaign.

Your brand will receive greater national and global presence as it powerfully impacts numerous markets and becomes identified as the choice of the entertainment industry. As one of the most cost efficient image building mediums of the Twenty-First Century, product placement provides an exciting, interactive environment around your product. No other advertising medium offers such a receptive environment to influence brand preference over such a long life span or to build such brand equity.
Benefits of product placement:
      1. permanent - movies, reruns, airlines, videos
       2. low cost per exposure
       3. implied endorsement “ millions see actors using”
       4. product(Ty- Extreme Home Makeover - vacuum)
       5. Key influences - Bollywood/cinema has strong influence in broad market        6. Positions product , drives usage, demonstrates how to use
       7. Launch products , drives sales
       8. reinforces brand
Is Product Placement Cost Effective?
Quantification methods track brand integrations, with both basic quantitative and more demonstrative qualitative systems used to determine the cost and effective media value of a placement. Rating systems measure the type of placement and onscreen exposure is gauged by audience recall rates. Products might be featured but hardly identifiable, clearly identifiable, long or recurrent in exposure, associated with a main character, verbally mentioned and/or they may play a key role in the storyline. Media values are also weighed over time, depending on a specific product's degree of presence in the market.  
Our Services
       1. Understand the target audience, brand positioning & budget.
       2. Participate / Advise clients on in product placement strategy.
       3. Approach Production Houses & individual Producers on behalf of the client.
       4. Convince Producers to weave the clients product in the film.
       5. Ensuring maximum footage & visibility to client?s product.
       6. Understand the script & work in close coordination with writers & if possible using the product in dialogues.
       7. Negotating with Producers & facilitate clients meetings with Producers.
       8. Facilitating contract?s drafting .       
       9. Organise clients visit to shooting locations during product shoots.
      10. Finding opportunities for events & co promotions along with film?s promotional activities.
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