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Our services for Special Events include:
   • Creative Conceptualization
   • Technical Consulting
   • Logistics Management
   • Experienced Resource Pool
   • Event Production & Direction

   ›› Integrated Communication / Event Strategy
   ›› Concept Development / Event Styling & Theming
   ›› Logistical Planning / Production / Stage Management
   ›› Artiste Management - Multimedia Production - Budgeting
These services cover:
   ›› Entertainment
   ›› Sports
   ›› Weddings
   ›› International
   ›› Television Events
   ›› International / Indian Artistes Concerts
   ›› Hindi Film (Bollywood) Star Nites
   ›› Film Awards
   ›› High Profile Events & Parties
   ›› Son-et-Lumiere Spectaculars
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